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The Coordination Network will consist of member agencies and organizations within a designated network. Such members shall annually elect the offices of 1) Chairperson, 2) Vice Chair, and 3) Secretary. Each officer shall serve a term of one (1) year with a maximum of two consecutive terms. The Chairperson of a specific Network will also be a member of the Coordinating Committee, and in their absence, the Vice Chair shall fill this role. The COFFY Coordination Network consists of Education, Health and Life Skills, Youth Sports, Fitness, Recreation and Arts.

The following are responsibilities of each Coordination Network:

  1. Establishes an annual schedule of meeting dates and ensures its distribution to Network and Coordination committee members.
  2. Develops meeting agendas and ensure distributed to Network and Coordination committee members.
  3. Ensures at least 50% of network members attendance at meetings.
  4. Conducts at least annually a workshop on topic appropriate for Network.
  5. Ensures minutes are taken and distributed to Network and Coordination Committee members.
  6. Ensures an Annual Chart of Work is developed, approved by the Coordination Committee and monitored by the Network.
  7. Ensures a status report is available at Coordination Committee meetings.
  8. Works with Coordination Committee to recruit and secure network members.

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